CEP1 update?

My PW is using CEP1 and over the time I added some of the content from newer sources that I really missed or needed. I was thinking of maybe create a new CEP1 update with that content.

Is there still a demand for CEP1 and a possible new content? And if there is, any recommendations of what should be included or what definitely shouldn’t?

Also what about some of the bad quality existing content? Wouldn’t be better to replace the worst of these with something better albeit different (which means there is potential issue with backwards compatibility where A will show as B then)?

I certainly don’t plan to create CEP3. Just a small addition to CEP1 in matter of tens of megabytes at maximum.

Most modules using CEP require the first version, meaning there should be a massive interest in it from a gamer’s viewpoint. The problem is most people commenting here and in the webpage are builders who have moved on from CEP1 and original content into newer projects. If overriding original assets has the biggest impact gamewise, overriding/updating the most used custom content package would definitely be second best.

Well for players adding new things to CEP1 has no value. So my question was more for builders if there are still any who prefer CEP1 over CEP2 or Project Q.

There is not so many things that can be updated. I am not a modeller/artist so I can only update content that @TheAmethystDragon updated in CEP2 and maybe replace some of the content with different but higher quality.

I see. My reply was about your point on “Wouldn’t be better to replace the worst of these with something better albeit different?” Personally, I doubt builders use CEP1 nowadays, but let’s hear from them.

I haven’t heard of many authors still building with CEP1, as CEP2 is much superior.

However, CEP1 remains a key asset for players, so personally I’d leave well alone. If it ain’t bust, don’t fix it.


Suggestion. What you could do is to produce your own CEP 1 top hak for those that would like to use it. That way you won’t be fixing something that isn’t that broken.



Is anyone even supporting CEP2.65 at this point? I haven’t heard from Amethyst Dragon in about 2 years.