CEP2 & Custom Content Challenge question

Is all content from the various Custom Content Challenges included in CEP2?

It’s been awhile since I used CEP myself, and the Custom Content Challenges didn’t really exist when I created my modules (2003-2009), which is why I’m asking :smile:

No, not all of the content from all the challenges. Only some of it. BTW If you haven’t got it already, grab
the CCC Catalogue that I maintain. It contains a list of every submission for every challenge from the first to the present day and has links to the project pages of all the challenges.


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CEP 2 is gradually being refreshed from CCC and elsewhere.

The latest, CEP 2.69, is up-to-date on creatures. The next release, CEP 2.70, willl catch up on placeables and tilesets. Otherwise, typically, 4-5 years behind.

CEP 2 aims to harvest the most useful content, but you will find niche material in CCC that we’ve overlooked.

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Thanks for the replies, guys! :smile:

I’m thinking of using this underwater bubble thingy from CCC 2011 Nov: Underwater for my upcoming module. :yum:

Can I find out if the above hack is within CEP2 by looking at the catalogue that you posted above, @Tarot_Redhand ? I’ll check the list and if anyone happens to know if the underwater thingy is included in CEP2, feel free to let me know! :blush:

No. The catalogue is only concerned with the contents of the CCC. You’ll need to ask @Proleric about that as he is currently in charge of the CEP.

FWIW, I think those bubbles are controlled by the torc via scripting. Also when you mentioned bubbles my immediate thought was you were talking about @TheAmethystDragon’s Giant Bubble placeable in the Custom Content Challenge January 2015: Elemental Planes Stuff. I’d forgotten about all the bubble thingies in that earlier challenge.


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CCC is above 2GB (7z-compressed) this is a bit more then CEP atm.

As far as I can see, that’s a head-aligned VFX, which isn’t one of those in CEP 2. No plan to include it any time soon.

More generally, the easiest way to find out is to install CEP 2 in a module. Text-searching the appropriate 2da will narrow it down, then you can visualise in the toolset. OK I drew a blank on “bubble thingy” :anguished:

Hehe, yeah, @Proleric , “bubble thingy” was just my way of spontaneously calling it :joy: “The Torc of Shoa”, seems to be the official name :slight_smile: :blush:

& thanks for the tip of searching in the 2da :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for both the catalogue link you posted earlier and for this 2015 CCC-link, it was really cool (maybe I’ll include some of it in one of my future modules :wink: ) :smiley:

*The following questions aren’t just for Tarot_Redhand, so anyone can chip in:

BTW, when I made my modules in the past, I ended up combining one of my own haks with CEP for stuff that wasn’t included there.

1.) I’ve seen that there are some cep-files called “custom” and the like (don’t remember the exact name at the top of my head). Is any of these haks supposed to be used as a template, when one wants to include stuff outside of CEP? To make the process easier?

2.) Also, which cep-file do I customize in order to add new visual effects?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
/ Birger

Those empty haks are included for backward compatibility, but we recommend you don’t use them.

Just place your own top hak, with any additional content and merged 2da files, above CEP 2 in the module properties (see hak order in docs).

Visualeffects.2da, which you will find in the CEP2 top hak for the latest release.

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which cep-file do I customize in order to add new visual effects?

None at all. Use your own hak for additional stuff and all required 2da and put it on top. If you change any CEP file there might be a new version of CEP which overwrites your amended version on the players harddisc.

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