CEP3 Halberds issues?

Hello everyone,
Wasn’t sure where to post this…
Am I the only to get some troubles with the halberd models ?
Running on CEP3.2 and NWN-EE

Middle parts aren’t showing up. Can’t figure why.

Ok, after a painfull investigation, I found the following *.tga for the halberds that does not correspond to any models.
iwplhb_m_018.tga in CEP3_ core2 and iwplhb_m_010.tga in the CEP3_reforge hak.
And apparently it messes up the middle appearances in the toolset.

I had to override the 018 with an existing model and had to remove 010 from the CEP3_reforge to get it back together.

In case someone gets this problem.