CEP3 with Toolset not populating?

This is weird to me. I have a clean NWN:EE install. Download CEP 3.1. Drop the haks/tlk and module to the correct C:\Users\Buddywarrior\Documents\Neverwinter Nights folders. Open toolset, add the custom haks in the order stated . But the area creatures and objects are empty. Same goes with the demo CEP III - All the Optional Haks.mod . What am I missing?

  • cep3_2das
  • cep3_armor
  • cep3_core0
  • cep3_core1
  • cep3_core2
  • cep3_reforge
  • cep3_phenos
  • cep3_heads
  • cep3_skies
  • cep3_tiles
  • cep3_doors
  • cep3_portraits
  • cep3_facelift
  • cep3_vfx

CEP3 doesn’t have blueprints, you have to make them yourself. You might be able to use the CEP2 blueprints - not sure which CEP2 hak they are in.

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I’ll try the CEP 2.7. Thank you @Pstemarie

Alright, I’m baffled. It’s got to be me. Downloaded the 2.7, assigned hak order based on 2.70 hak order.txt included in docs. Same issue. At least I think. The “Custom” side should populate right?

Have you rebuilt the module since you added all the haks etc? It probably needs to regenerate the custom palette.

That didn’t do it. It’s still in the C:\Users\Buddywarrior\Documents\Neverwinter Nights folder right? And when I look at Creatures or Objects, I should be seeing the CEP on the Custom Tab right? (It’s been a few year, I’m sure much has changed)
This is what I see.

The CEP blueprints I believe are in a HAK named something _SB at the end. Also has all the old scripts in it. I’m not sure if CEP2 includes the old ERFs. I’ll tag Proleric and MMat, they should know what you need to do - they’re the CEP guys.

@Proleric and @Mmat - you have been conjured. HEED thy summons!

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The simple answer is that blueprints were removed from CEP 2.x years ago, to help PWs that were hitting resource constraints.

Authors make their own templates by copying something similar, changing the appearance and the stats.

Exception - the SB hak and erf files still ship with CEP 2.x. They can be used to reinstate a few blueprints with special scripts (and the wider script library which is documented in 2.70).

Although resource constraints have been eased under EE, it’s very unlikely that templates will ever be made for every appearance, because many hundreds have been added in the interim - we don’t have the resources to do that, and probably no one would thank us for the clutter. Making your own templates is so much easier.

Can’t speak for CEP 3.

Gods, I hate it being summoned before breakfast :smiley:

Creating templates requires some recherche to get the monster strength and abilities right. And there are 1000ands of them. Better leave that to the builder, who has only to create those which are in use in his mod.

I think I understand. This is why I can see the “Stargate” portal in an Objects Appearance Type?
Sounds good to me! Thank you Proleric for the clarification. You’ve been helping us dumboheads for twenty years now? You need a medal. Thank you!

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