Challenging Module Requires Beta Testers

Hi All,

Many years ago, I wrote a module called Soul Shaker that many people found too challenging. Thrust into an alien environment (a demi-plane), the character you play is having to face new ways of dealing with their current situation. Some aspects of NWN play you are used to are no longer available, but there are NEW ways to learn! Simply put, Soul Shaker does NOT play in your standard way and requires the player to learn how to play it like a new game. To this end, a “Game Play Manual” has been provided, as well as a “Tactician’s Guide” to help explain some of its new mechanics. The first an almost essential read, and the second extremely useful for those that like to understand the gameplay aspects more. However, if you have ever played System Shock 2 (which this game pays homage to), then many of its game-play aspects will be familiar to you.

So, this is NOT a casual game. A player can install the game and get stuck straight in, but unless they have understood and mastered some of the core changes, then they are likely to go nowhere fast and even more likely to die very quickly. However, if they are prepared to accept the challenge and be capable of learning how to adapt, then the gameplay is actually very straightforward and easy to learn. However, it does require definite input from the player and recognition that they will be learning a lot of things different from standard play.

Still reading?

Hopefully, if that description has not already put you off trying to play, then hopefully this next piece of information may help encourage you to consider responding to offer to test it for me … Soul Shaker has been revamped! On first release, it came with an advanced method of upgrading, which, for many players confused them. This section of code has now been removed, making the game save and load like any other NWN module. Furthermore, the code has been vastly improved to work more efficiently, alongside any fixes and updates I added. Thankfully, I have also maintained the “hak patch” system I devised to enable me to patch your game very easily if you should encounter any issues. However, having played through again myself, any issues that were present due to code changes, have now been addressed as far as I can see.

Still reading?

Good, if you made it reading this far, then you may have what it takes to be able to learn how to adapt to a new environment and play test the module for me. If that is you, and you can answer yes to the following questions (most anyway), then please contact me below and by PM to exchange email addresses where I can send you a link to the file download, and you can give feedback on any difficulties beyond the expected or general gameplay.

  1. I don’t mind reading a game-play manual.
  2. I don’t mind taking things a little slower at the start. (To think what I need to do.)
  3. I don’t mind challenges outside the normal NWN style.
  4. I have played System Shock 2 before. (Optional.)
  5. I like to commit myself to a game that may take 30-35 hours.
  6. I have enjoyed the style of some old school RPGs, as long as they have context.

Please, if this sounds like you, then contact me and I will send you the link.

You can also download and read the manuals here to get an idea now.

Thanks, Lance.

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