Change a voice set

Is there a function to change an NPC’s voice set after it has spawned in?

Not as far as I know.

I think you have to replace the NPC with a similar template that has a different voice set.

This can be done almost seamlessly if you apply a Cutscene Ghost effect to the old NPC. Spawn the new NPC at that exact position, then destroy the old PC.

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Thanks. This is what I thought already (The can’t do it part). I may test the Spawn/Replace option later. I am also considering testing custom polymorph options too. Polymorphing should cover the appearance and voices both.

This all comes from recent experiments to make my encounters more diverse. I’ve already long had encounters with NPCs getting random items (weapons, armor, magic items) to keep players on their toes and random appearances as well (parts based NPCs with random heads, eye and hair color and skin tones … as well as random names) (static NPCs like goblins/orcs get a random appearance along with random wing based quivers/back packs/scabbards/etc…). Most recently, I’d been adding a random chance for NPCs that are typically male to be female instead. This however has left me with female giants or gnolls and others to still retain the male voice from their templates.