Change camera mode through scripting?

Is there a way to change camera mode through scripting? The mode that the player chooses? I could solve this situation with a static camera but it would have been easier if I could just shift to Character mode and then to Explorer mode. The player can of course change this by him/herself later but…ah well, just wondering…

well there’s this …

// Set the camera mode for oPlayer.
// - oPlayer
// - nCameraMode: CAMERA_MODE_*
// * If oPlayer is not player-controlled or nCameraMode is invalid, nothing
//   happens.
void SetCameraMode(object oPlayer, int nCameraMode);

but all i remember is trying to mess with the player-camera some years ago and (whatever i was doing) gave up


Thanks, @kevL_s ! I’ll try and see if it works, otherwise I’ll just let this go.

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It didn’t work as I wanted. Something happened but…well, it’s not usefull.

i see. yeh scripting the camera wasn’t thoroughly implemented as far as i see …