Change conversation owner

I have a cutscene of sorts where I use a script where I kill a creature through an effect:

effect eMagical = EffectDamage(15, DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL, DAMAGE_POWER_NORMAL, TRUE);
DelayCommand(2.0,ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eMagical, oTarget));

This is called through a script inside the conversation. Problem is this magical damage is supposed to come from a specific character, one of the companions, who isn’t the owner of the conversation. Whenever I try this the game tells me in the chat window that the owner, and not this particular companion, was the one dealing the damage. So, my question is: Is there someway to switch conversation owner on a node inside the conversation through a script, or perhaps just somehow tell the ApplyEffectToObject that it is from the one I want. Would it perhaps work with just doing something like this?

effect eMagical = EffectDamage(15, DAMAGE_TYPE_MAGICAL, DAMAGE_POWER_NORMAL, TRUE);
DelayCommand(2.0,AssignCommand(oCompanion, ApplyEffectToObject(DURATION_TYPE_INSTANT, eMagical, oTarget)));

in the conversation field you have a speaker field.

There is also AssignCommand(oSpeaker,ActionStartConversation(oSpeakedTo));

The dmg is probably done by the owner of the conversation. But when damage are involved in a cutscene it’ s better to use an ipoint speaker as the runner of the conversation. They are neutral.

Yes, I know all this but that doesn’t help in this situation. I need to change the conversation owner inside the conversation.

I’m working on another walkaround solution to this now.

you can t change the conversation owner, but you can run the dmg script on an other character than the owner.


or a function


You can also run the convversation on an ipoint and name it kllike yiur character.

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I managed to solve it in my own way. Before I do the ApplyEffect I instead ran a new conversation with my companion as conversation owner. I needed to start a new conversation anyway for reasons that are too complicated to go into here (which I did initially with an ipoint speaker, but that still didn’t work out as planned for some reason). Sometimes this darn game is unnecessary complicated.