Change PC voice set?

Is there a way to change an existing PC’s voice set? Basically, it’s easy to start a PC and quickly come to think the voice set is completely wrong for the PC’s concept. I assume this might be a scripting task. But, I didn’t see any promising functions in the Lexicon and it might be possible via other means. If any approach is viable, I would like to suggest it for our PW,

BTW, this is for EE on a server vault PW.

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Leto does this IIRC - it describes itself as a tool for server admins (and single players) but I’m not quite sure how that works for PWs.

Thanks. I thought of Leto, since I have used it in SP for this sort of thing. I am assuming that, for this to work on a PW, the admin would have to use Leto to modify the BICs in the server vault manually. Not an impossible task every so often. But, it probably doesn’t scale if players want to do this somewhat regularly.

Of course, whatever Leto can do, NWNx can do. That would allow an in-game placeable or item to allow players to set it up themselves. But, I haven’t kept up with whether NWNx is working with EE at this point.

There’s a function in nwnxee creature plugin currently. It’s also a candidate function for patch (base nwscript).

I don’t know if the leto bridge is supported in ee (would doubt it, don’t think it has source and needs filesystem access). Learning curve to the perl-like syntax of it but it can do anything with nwn files. (Unless it’s a really small player base, nwngff editor is included with game and can be finagled to work on all OS to do this, but requests to do things like this rapidly become overwhelming too.)

There will be Get/SetSoundset() functions in the next patch v35.