Change respawn to TPA only in Crystalmist Campaign Chapter 1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God

Greetings, grognards! I just started the Crystalmist Campain (and it rocks HARD!), but something that is sort of annoying is that you have to respawn every time the main character dies, instead the whole party. And it crashes sometimes, too, on the respawn. How do you change this to respawning only when the whole party dies? Thanxks!

Extract this into your override folder. Note that this has a high probability of conflicting with other mods so remove it when you are done with your current adventure. Alternately, you can put this in the Crystalmist campaign folder and start a new adventure. That way it’s not in your override and possibly conflicting with other mods.

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I don’t want to do it if it’s going conflict with other mods even a little.

i think that a new/alternate file can go in Campaign folder and be gtg.

but check for duplicate filename(s) in both override and campaign … and hak if Crystalmist uses any

Yes, it uses three.

If a file is in an active .hak it takes precedence over a file with the same name anywhere

If a file is in /Override it takes precedence over a file with the same name in Campaign/module and stock (installation) folders.

But if you throw files into the Campaign folder while the game isn’t running you should be able to then load a save and the file(s) will be active (unless there’s one of the same name in an active .hak)

jus’ sayin,

ps. the beauty of using the Campaign folder is that (unlike /Override), any changes done there affect that Campaign only

That’s my understanding … reality could be different.

Override is scary! Ick! Some of the stuff is obviously more forgiving. You can dump stuff in campaign that will never be used and (I think) they don’t effect anything.