Changing color of water - bug?

I downloaded a very nice outdoor prefab area that I’m using for the module I’m working on a the moment.
I didn’t quite like the color of the water though (it was very blue and looked a bit unnatural), so I took Select Terrain and changed water color of each “square”. I then baked and saved the area. However, when reopening the area later, the color of the water had been changed back to its original color. Am I doing something wrong?

You are beceause the color didn t change. But I don’t see how. That should have worked.

It’s the dock_city from this pack (the area is called 005 incavale main in the toolset):

I downloaded the file, imported the erf in a mod.
Saved the mod as directory
changed the water to red
closed the area, opened the area water = red.

Then I closed the toolsed and opened it again and red.

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Maybe you opened it in another copy module that wasn’t saved and still had the original or overwrote you’re changed one with another unchanged module with the “save as” thing.

Don’t just save the area save the whole module/ directory too which is what Shallina did, water colours might be saved elsewhere and not in the area.

Sorry to be completely useless but just keep doing it until it works, it sounds like you’re doing the right thing to change the colour, there are no other steps so it’s probably your saving that’s the issue.

ps. You can leave water the normal colour but by using the colour button in the terrain thing you can create shading so it looks darker in deeper places and vice versa. I think you can put down as many colours as you want unlike textures which have the number restricted per big square.


I got it to work now. I think I know what I did wrong. I just took Select Terrain and there I changed the color of the water on each square. Took quite a long time to do it that way too. Now I instead used Paint Terrain and changed the size of the brush and all of a sudden it went 10 times faster, LOL. I then baked saved. Opened the area again and it was now the right color. Closed the Toolset and reopened everything, and the water still had the right colour. So obviously you need to Paint the stuff and not just change a color by going with Select Terrain. I’m really bad with areas, which is why I always use prefabs that I modify slightly, or sometimes quite a lot. That way the the hard ground work has been done already, and I can’t screw it up too much.

Thanks for trying to help guys!