Changing Map note text ingame

I have a Map Note that I would like to change Man Note Text on through a script. I first tried with SetFirstName thinking that it might change the Local Name of the map note object, but that was not true, and when looking in the toolset I noticed that the description of the map note is under Behaviour/Map Note Text. So I thought I could use a custom token instead. I chose custom token 25 for this. So I made a script where I wrote like this:

SetCustomToken(25, "To The Village");

Later I will use the same function and change the string to something else like

SetCustomToken(25, "To The Village of the Village Idiots");

In the Map Note Text I wrote < CUSTOM25 > (without the blank space after and before the “signs” whatever they are called in english) but this for some reason didn’t work. I’ve used custom token 22 earlier in the game in the journal, and that has worked without flaw so…
Maybe you somehow can’t use custom token on Map Note Text? Is there some other way to change the map note text, or will I have to just use the same text for this map note the whole game through?

Hi andgalf,

Rather than say too much at this stage, I would keep it simple and have two map notes (with the different texts) and enable/disable as required.

P.S. From experience, I believe some map texts may only change when an area is exited and entered again. Therefore, this may be the easiest “live” method.

Take Care, Lance.


Ah, really smart idea, actually. I didn’t think about that. Easy and simple. Thanks!

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