Changing the primary base class of a character

Is there any way to set a new class directly?

I know about only one method of changing the primary base class, but it requires packages (which my class doesn’t use).

SetLevelUpPackage(oPC, iRow);
ResetCreatureLevelForXP(oPC, 0, FALSE);

It seems the method above works only with companions.

… change the base class of a PC? donno (i doubt it)

i’m surprised it works on Companions.

There is something that may be at play here, concerning PC creation. When a player loads the game and chooses “Create New Character” there’s a substantial amount of stuff that the game hasn’t loaded yet. custom ‘stuff’ i think … it might mean that a PC’s base class needs to be locked for some sort of internal consistency.

but personally i’d put it down to another quirk of the engine and move on …