Changing to CEP Social Phenotype via script

Hi Everyone,

The CEP adds a ‘social’ phenotype that bends the right arm of an NPC so they can properly hold a mug or glass. The available phenotype constants when scripting are NORMAL, BIG, and CUSTOM1 through CUSTOM18. I’ve tested all 18 custom phenos and none are ‘social.’ Is there a way to add a new CUSTOM phenotype constant, or change one of the existing ones to call the social phenotype? Cheers.

You don’t need a constant. You can use the phenotype numjber directly. Take a look at the CEP phenotype.2da (there’s one in cep2_add_phenos1.hak, also in cep2_top_v21, …) and use the row number (40) in your script.

Nice, thank you. But that raises another question: what’s the easiest way to crack open that hak file? I did a search and found a bunch of stuff about merging. Is there a simple way to just view the file?

#40 worked perfectly, btw. You just got me curious and now I want to take a look at a hak. Will probably need to again at some point in the future anyway. Thanks again.

I use NWNExplorer:

NWNExplorer is fine for viewing and exporting hak contents.

nwhak (which ships with the game) is useful if you actually want to add or remove files from the hak.