Character flaws

Has anyone thought of implementing the Flaw system from pen-and-paper D&D in NWN2? Using this feature, the players can give their new character up to two flaws, and in exchange get one bonus feat for each Flaw. Many possible flaws are described both in different 3.5 rulebooks, as well as in Dragon Magazine (I remember seeing a full list somewhere on the Web, but can’t remember right now, I might look into it if anyone is interested).

For example, if I wanted to make an overspecialized spellcaster, I could take Noncombatant (-2 penalty on all melee attack rolls) and Inattentive (-4 to Listen and Spot checks) Flaws, but in exchange I could choose two more magic-related extra feats on level one.

I’m not a coding specialist by any means, but based on your description I’d say that Implementing something like what you’re suggesting would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. But if it is possible it would be interesting.

Well, it’s possible, but it does require a lot of work. You can’t do much with the standard feat selection screen (there’re many hardcoded limitations) therefore these new bonus feats have to be picked up through a completely new GUI. Besides, there’s no way to modify the character creation screen (since all nwscript GUI functions use oPC as an argument, but oPC isn’t a valid object at this stage for the game engine), so all that remains is to modify the character levelup screen (you will be able to take these feats only at level 2 or higher in this case). Another possibility is to show this new GUI to the player after the module loads for the first time.

Upd. I just came up with another option: make each flaw as a separate active feat. When you press at any of these feats for the first time it opens up a special screen where you can select a new bonus feat for that specific flaw.

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