maybe I havent found the right search parameters on google, but I wonder if its possible to import your NWN1 character into NWN2 - or if there is some kind of converter for that.

If anyone knows, please let me know.


It’s not exactly the same ruleset or the same classes, or the same races.

So the answer is no.

Shallina is correct, there is no way to directly import into NWN2.
You can reproduce a very similar character using one of the training modules available on the vault. It may not be possible to create an exact duplicate since so many feats and skills were changed.

It may help to look at the NWN2 wiki as there are notes at the end of each article regarding changes between the two games.

thx for your answers.
i will try to recreate the character from nwn1 via giving xp in nwn2 - so that it may go as an “unofficial sequel” (did that too on might and magic 6-8 - though mechanics werent the same in those 3 games :wink: )


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This one will allow you to create characters that may not be 100% legal in NWN2 but may be closest to what you had in NWN1. Any available feat may be added, not all will work correctly so use with caution.