City gates double door - why does it look like this?

This is something I’ve been wondering for a while. When using these types of doors and you click on them to teleport to a new area, a shadow of the doors is left although the doors are open. Is there any remedy for this or is this just a NWN2 bug?

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Ok, it seems that this is just how the game works this these type of doors. If you don’t have an area transition on this type of door then it looks normal. I still find it a bit ugly though. I wish that you just could click the doors again without this effect to teleport the characters.

You can use a script or a trigger just behind the door. Don’t set an area transition and the bug should be gone.

Mmmm, maybe…or I’ll just leave it as it is. What I would like is that the “shadow doors” didn’t appear at all, but I guess that’s hardcoded. I mean, you still click on the doors to teleport after they’ve opened.

you can make a script that lauch a conversation when opening the door. Without area transition, this way you won’t have a shadow.

True. I’ll see what I end up doing…

Doors have a property called “Use Invisible Transitions?”. Set that to TRUE. The black shadow of the door will then be gone, and you’ll still be able to transition by clicking on the door.


Oh, really? Had no idea about that. Thank you @travus ! :smiley:

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