Clangeddin's Collection

I just realized I hadn’t made a thread on the forums about this, so, since I just uploaded a new version, might as well do it now.

This mod is a collection of three mods I made in the past.
To make it easier to maintain them, I decided to dedicate them a single page with a single download file.
It is still possible to choose which mods to use (even none at all if you just want to make use of the library) by deleting the folders “Mod_xxxx” of the mods you don’t want to use.



Version 1.2 changes

  • Library: Added a few new functions
  • Fix Mod: Completely reworked the damage immunity system from equipment. This does not affect previously changed items by 1.1 version, but new items will no longer display the changed name or require the essence to be used on them to display the property. Everything happens “under the hood”.
  • Ui Mod: Fixed a display issue with Summons and Companions on party bar. Also added support for level cap 160 mod.
  • Rebuild Mod: Upscaled interface and added support for post level 40 releveling.
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