Class with the most skill points?

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Is there a class that has the most skill points available, for each level?

I’m thinking of partially using a custom system for my NWN1 underwater module, but my idea is based on being able to utilize a lot of skill points. :slight_smile:

The most skillpoints are given to a rogue (8+int). But a wizard might not be neglected, since he/she/it has usually a high bonus from INT. I think the SkillPointBase can be configured in classes.2da. Have a look into the 2da for yourself.

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Do I understand correctly, that using rogue or wizard as base class + recommend players to focus on intelligence would be the best option to increase the amount of skill points (without modifying the 2da, that is)?

I have no prior experience with modifying classes.2da, but can one change the name of existing classes there? Without having to create a custom class from scratch?

Every class has a base amount (rogue 8, Wizard 4) and benefits from the intelligence bonus. But the only class where INT is of utmost importance is wizard. A wiz without Int is a usefull as a hole in the knee. Any other class build will use ability points in other abilities. So a wizard always has some extra skillpoints because his class requires a high intelligence-score.

Whithout considering an intelligence bonus, rogue has by far the highes skill point vlaue.

I’ve no experience in building new classes. Seems to be rather complicated and is probably more difficult than just changing name and some columns in classes.2da. In the mod “Dark Energy”, a new class is implemented by overwriting the barbarian class.

Okay, I have a good picture of the situation now. Thanks for taking the time to reply, very much appreciated! :slight_smile: