Client Extension

Just want to say: thank you Jesus.

I started getting back into working on my campaign with my new i7 1080 TI and the herkey-jerkey stuttering was too much. I figured I’d just have to give up. Then found this gem.

Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

I assume everyone is using it nowadays?

yep  :)
64 bit machines need it

Thanks for the reminder. I formated by PC after I released my campaign so I didn’t notice any problems since I don’t build/play as much. Thanks for reminding me to re-download the thing :slight_smile:

So I tried to play a bit without the mod, and it is smooth. Do you guys have the GoG version? And if so, do we still need the extension? One would think that GoG has taken care of such things.


logically, it should start smooth, but then the stutter would build up over time

maybe the time your computer has been running, maybe the time the game has been running … not sure

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That’s true. I noticed that the game (Even when I launch it from GoG Galaxy) stutters if my PC has been running for days. A restart fixes it. So in general the GoG version is fine if one remembers to turn his PC off once in a while :smiley:


Mine was stuttering really bad after a fresh reboot. I shut my machine down every night (due to noise; it’s in our bedroom) and boot it every morning, and even after a fresh reboot I was getting bad stutter. But this is a pretty new rig for me I made in August: i7, 32 GB RAM, 1080 TI Graphics card. The Client Extension fixed it immediately.