Cloak Item Shape appears on Companion?

I have used the cloak slot for facial items for years (masks, helms, glasses, etc…). Rarely did this cause an issue. Recently when using it for several of the excellent items from the modern headgear hak v 1.3, almost all the items, hats or glasses work fine from the cloak slot if you have only one player. But if you bring in any companions or henchman, the shape of the item begins to appear on the 1st or nearest ones face in the same slot, and disappears from the pc??? I have tried turning off/down all graphic enhancement (and turning it up!), to no avail. Anyone else ever have this issue, if so, how did u fix it? I have been unsuccessful in using the belt slot (head items never appear, though I have several mod items that do this successfully), and gloves and boots need replacement items configured into the mdb or there will be no hands or feet (not using a modeling program to fix the issue). Please help!

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Speculating: Couldn’t you use the helm slot for these instead? Or are the items from modern headgear appearing as cloaks in the toolset perhaps? I haven’t downloaded modern headgear and checked so…

They are all helms. The reason I use other slots for helms is so they can be combined (beret and sunglasses, ex). I have found also it’s not just that pack. It happens with the cowl cl helm 1 too. It’s just odd to me that I have been doing this for years without a problem and wonder if java or some other graphics issue is causing it?

I don’t know why that would be happening. Usually that issue occurs when there is more than one model with the same packet identifiers, or when the area is corrupt.

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I will try removing any redundancies of the textures…I hadn’t considered that. When I make the item dupes I usually put those in that override folder as well. It hadn’t been an issue before, but will try and see if that helps

Well, looks like I was thorough with these and there were no redundancies, so that’s not the issue.

No not the textures; the packet names inside the mdb files.

The only info in the config edit are the mdb and the dds files (which most people put in a ‘textures’ folder), which is why i used that reference. Not sure what ‘packets’ you would be referring to, other than those, since anything past that would be beyond the scope of this inquiry, or my current ability to manipulate.

“Packet” is just a term used on the MDB file format article:

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Again my access is limited to mdb cloner, so this would have to be a pre-existing issue (for this to be a cause), since the only changes I make are naming. I also noticed it’s not all of the items from the pack that have the issue, so I will work backwards through the info I have and see if I can resolve, but I will limit the use of the problem combinations until I figure it out. It’s an outstanding add on and even the single item use adds great value and I commented on the vault post (I only grabbed the cowboy hat and didn’t even notice the other additions which were all fantastic).

You can also view the individual packet information using MDBConfig.

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I have used MDB Config before (I just found MDB cloner easier to use). I will review the problem clones and see if there is redundancy (if I am able). Thanks for the suggestion!

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