Codi_Sigil Doors FIX?(RESOLVED)


Looks like fixing doors has been your thing of late. :wink: I will look at grabbing these others as well. I was also unaware of these others.

Thanks for the fixes. I will take a look.

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Some of these door sizes are kind of odd, so I’m not sure where they fit. Hopefully there are some openings on the CODI Sigil exterior set where they fit.

Yes, I noticed that too … Almost like half sizes … Maybe to go up against a “static” version of the same to look like a double half open?

Anyway, there are a few others that I may be able to make good use of, so thank you once again! :+1:

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@Arianna0 So… did they work? :thinking:

Absolutely!!! I tested all of them with a Rat in the shed. All rats stayed on their side of the door until it was opened. and all Doorways can be moved through without issue. All Door handles, posters moved with the doors

Again Thank you so much !!!


Thank you, Arianna0! I put a copy on the Sigil Exterior additions (from NWN1 CODI content) page.

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