Colour matching armour body colours

I’m having trouble with the body colour matching, model 11 from this set.
It looks alright in the sunlight. But in cut scenes and the level-up screen, chest is grey.
Removing the grey from the diffuse colour in MDB Config fixes the colour in sunlight, but makes little or no difference in the level-up screens, and the specular colour is already full white.
Does anyone know where this grey look is coming from? And more importantly, how to get rid of it.

EDIT: I just noticed if you get the camera on just the right angle, the true body colour shows up.
That suggests to me, that the problem is with the normal map. The normal map over the body is a plain map, which works for other clothing models.
I’m not a modder, so forgive a stupid question, but are there different ways to adjust how much effect the normal map has during the modeling process? Isn’t the normal map meant to show the true colour when viewed from front and center?

I had a similar issue with several models of mine, and it came from the alpha channel of the normal map (i.e. it was saved with transparency on, and I believe the alpha channel from the normal map is actually used by the engine to store the specular data).
When I removed the transparency from the normal map, the skin tone went back to the expected color.

yes, sounds like an issue with the spec map. every light in the game uses a spec color value, and depending on the camera’s angle, the color and intensity of that color is more or less visible. personally i would not remove the alpha channel from the normal map. instead try to darken the parts where skin is textured.

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This is the alpha of the normal map as it comes. (skin is in square at bottom left)
I tried full transparent & completely solid, and a couple of shades of grey in between, but it didn’t help.

I thought I’d try running it through the high harvest fair, in case it didn’t looks so bad in game.
I think I’ll have to give it a miss, it’s a pity, because I really like the clothes.

just to be clear: full transparent and solid means pure white and black, right?
there’s also another thing going on, which can’t be remedied without lots of additional work. in most cases the skin color of the body mesh is different than the one from the head mesh. tinting the skin color only aggravates the problem further. to get a nearly seamless transition you have to edit all the textures where skin is shown, matching one to the other.

such issues are bound to happen when models are ported from one game to another. even obsidian didn’t use a general skin texture across all their models.

Yes I went from pure black to pure white, plus 20% transparent and 75% transparent on the alpha and it made no difference to the grey on the level-up screen.
I’m not sure what you mean about editing the textures where the skin is showing. All the skin textures on the diffuse map match

I can’t match it to the colour of the skin on the head diffuse map, because even it it would work, you would have to make a different set of textures for every head.
All my other clothes and armor which use the either of the zylch body bases match all my heads in both sunlight and the level-up screen, even though the heads have very different skin tones.