Combing CCO and AC4 without steam workshop

Hello everyone,

Getting my NWN setup again after deciding to go for the Enhanced Edition. Everything has been sorted, but there is one thing I just can’t seem to get to work.

Like the title says I would like to combine these 2 mods and use them in my single player game. It works when I subscribe to them on the workshop, but I would like to add them to a hak and use the userpatch.ini method. So I pull the files from the workshop folder, then overwrite the AC4 files over the CCO files (Since I read CCO should be installed first then AC4). But when I load up the game I do not get all the crafting options from CCO, only AC4. Any idea what I am missing?

Thanks in advance!

Checking out both of their Steam pages, it’s the description of the CCOH project that says it contains “the merged file necessary to combine them both”, which is probably the overridden default crafting conversation.

Try it the other way around; overwrite the ACAP v4 conversation with the CCOH conversation.

Ah cheers. I will look a little bit more and try overwriting with AC4