Combining hak files


So as I am working on an Elder Scrolls module I wanted to combine


SO, I figured I mainly have to tinker a bit with some appearance files and such to make them work properly together in an TOPHAK. I will assume the latest cep2_top_2_65.hak is the one I should look into then?

thank you all so much in advance :slight_smile:

Yes, the cep2_top_2_65 is where all the 2da’s are stored. I’m not familiar with the Elder Scrolls hak, but you’ll want to make a master 2da hak that incorporates both 2da’s in a seamless merger.

so I basically make combine the elder scrolls hak with the CEP2.65 one and call the new one TOPHAK_ and put it at the top right?

I just wanted to be sure as I see a lot of CEP haks

Close. In the elder scrolls hak you are referencing, there are a number of 2da’s in the general hak. You’ll need to go through each one and extract the new entries from each 2da and find a nice “landing spot” within the cep 2da’s. It’s what they call merging. In many cases it can be tedious work. But the row numbers occupied by the Elder Scroll are likely already occupied by the CEP 2da’s. So you have to put the elder scoll entries in unused rows within each 2da. For instance, in the Elder “appearance.2da”, it looks like there are 5 or 6 new creature appearance entries. You’ll want to copy these and find unused rows in the CEP appearance.2da. You’ll want to do this with each one in order to access all content (otherwise you’ll have one override the other).

In this new master 2da file you are creating for your world, it would be prudent to put all of your new customized 2da’s into one master hak, or “top hak”. You can name it whatever you want, like DQ_Elder_Top, or something that makes sense to you.

ah yes! I know! thanks for this though!

Alright I am stumbling over some files in the merger that left me totally confused. Since I am totally new with this I would appreciate some input on this!

So, I copied all de 2da files of both hacks and placed them in ceperate folders. The first 2da I tinkered with are the appearances.2da. They went pretty easy though I am getting confused with the other 2da’s. So I am hoping there is someone patient enough who is willing to help me with this over DM’s. I think it is mostly to check if I done it correctly?

I am kinda assuming that the other 2da files are mainly for the custom stuff but I cannot be sure. So I am hoping to get some feedback on that so I do not get chicken in copying it all :slight_smile: