Coming Back (again)

I have a diamond edition with the keys from back in the day, but haven’t tried to install it yet. I have heard there are issues with Windows 10 not liking it for one reason or another, and I recall on my Win7 machine that there was some sort of problems with registering the CD keys again…

Thus, I am leaning toward buying the Enhanced Edition, but am at a bit of a loss for where I should get it from. I don’t use Steam as a general rule, and I have heard that community content has to be fiddled with to get it to work properly, and I am leaning toward NOT using the Steam purchase/install.

I think I am going to get it direct from Beamdog, but want to know if there is any point in buying all the extra content? I don’t expect to play the modules, but is there anything worth the price for playing with in the editor?

Diamond Edition can be installed successfully on Windows 10. Once installed, you must patch it with the 1.69 Critical Rebuild. If you plan to use the toolset, run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode. These are simple tweaks which anyone can do. Ask in this forum if you get stuck.

If you prefer to buy EE, in fairness to Steam, there are no problems with the base game if you buy from them. The snag you’ve read about is with installing mods from Steam Workshop. Fortunately, you can download the same mods from the Vault and install them normally, so it’s not a showstopper. You do need the Steam lurkware to install the game, but after that you can remove it from Windows start up because NWN is DRM-free.

Having said that, you can buy from GOG or direct from Beamdog, the latter presumably giving the developers more cash.

As to your last point, if you’re asking whether it’s worth buying the new premium modules, my understanding is that their content is not available in the toolset.

To open Darkness Over Daggerford in the toolset there is a thread over on the beamdog forums on how to open the files in the toolset. This information is supposed to be directly from Ossian Studios.


It appears that the entire deluxe pack including all the adventures and soundtracks is available on for $17.69 right now, so I think that just answered or made moot more than a few questions and left a clear path forward.

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Good to hear that DoD can be opened in the toolset, though the thread seems to conclude that, materially, builders already have the assets in 1.69 and CEP.

Look forward to hearing about Tyrants of the Moonsea.