Community? (Modules)

I’ve just recently started playing NWNEE again and thought that I’d revisit some of the modules and campaigns found under New>>>Community tab. Very early in, however, I’ve started to encounter missing content, such as portraits. Sometimes they appear and sometimes they don’t. I’ve since read a good number of horror stories about the Steam Workshop and it’s looking like this may be entirely a Steam related problem that I’m having. Anyhow, I’ve been wanting to transfer these files into the correct Neverwinter Nights folder, but I’m not finding them anywhere. I’ve also read a thread that @Proleric started in the Steam forums that mentions that these files may be buried in SQLITE3 files. I haven’t been up to par with modern searching technology, however, and have had zero luck in discovering any tools that would open these files. I am assuming that the content here would be the most recent, but I’ve also read that creators, such as @Savant, have been unable to access their own content since April? Is this Community tab feature and/or the Steam Workshop for NWNEE in early alpha development? Can anyone point me in the right direction in how to access and, possibly, transfer all of this content into the correct folders, please?

I answered most of these questions here.


Thank you for the replies! I’m pretty terrible when it comes to modern technology, not even owning a smart phone or tablet. So it’s not Steam related, really, but a problem with my computer not loading the files? Once I find the correct versions, I’ll happily download and install them from here, but I’m wondering now if I’ll continue having the same missing content issues with any of the larger files.

Almost certainly nothing to do with Steam.

Downloads from the Vault using NIT shouldn’t be a problem.

Portraits not working? Are they from a download being used as an override to allow you a slew of options when creating a character? Community modules may use their own portraits.2da in a hak, which would override any portrait collection you may have installed to use during character creation.


The portraits were missing for the two henchmen in the first Aielund Sage module this morning. I’m going to give it another go soon, but reloading and restarting wasn’t helping for several attempts. Eventually, I was able to load the save with the portraits, but I’m unsure what was going wrong.

Now that I’m remembering it, the OC Prelude had failed to find itself several times earlier this week. In that case, I was getting a message that the module wasn’t found. Reloading once or twice always solved that, though. The Prelude has considerably less files, of course, but I’m thinking now that whatever problem I’m having with the files failing to load might be related.