Community Patch Doc Page Gone!

I was looking to produce an item to allow Palemasters to count levels towards spellcasting, when I noticed a ‘favourite’ website had gone.

Any help please?

Found on line the actual code to use when in DebugMode 1
‘dm_spawnitem 70_pcwidget’

oops seems like the website it was hosted expired…

i will try repost it to vault but it will take some time…



Any update?

oh yes I added the doc into package with community patch some time ago, if you download latest version RC5 you will find it in /additional resources/1.72 documentation or just /1.72 documentation/

I have no place where to host website now. Vault does not allow me to host it either (in a good format - in fact in few last years vault made my project harder to find, CPP is not welcomed anywhere…)

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