Community voices library?

Just been looking at the CCC theme suggestions and an idea popped into my head. Doesn’t happen often, and when it does it’s not usually worth much, but I’ll throw it out anyway.

I’m a big fan of voiced conversations as, for me, they add a lot to any module.

I’ve been a member of the Vault for about two years and every day I look at the list of new adventurers on the homepage. Every day there are at least five new members. Without doing the Maths, if we assume that it has been that way since EE came along and there were a load of older members before then, we have a massive number of members, although you could rightly say many will be a one visit only.

Most of these will not have the tools to contribute to CCC or post large projects but might still be keen to offer something they can do easily.

Have we as a community ever thought about using what exists already on the Vault in terms of the various provenances of its members to build a potential bank of different accents or character voicings ?

It could be either a full voiceset that someone could offer and upload but more likely just a simple list of members of the Vault who would be willing to contribute a little time and what language/accent they have naturally or could usefully offer to help someone building a module. The builder could post/send a printout of the required lines and the accent giver could return it or even post it here. It would be a situation ideally that could see us all able to contribute and lift the quality of all our modules.

For instance, I possess a Scottish accent which I used for the “Ruby and the Last Unicorn” module I built. I dragged in my granddaughter and my wife to voice parts and for me, it lifted the module a little. Although severely limited by ability, I could offer mine. Last year, when doing a school project with our games design class I thought about, but didn’t get round to trying to tie in the Drama department as the kids in the games class were actually pretty good themselves for the limited amount we needed.

However, I know there are people here from all over the world, all ages, all walks of life. etc. It’d be good if I was needing a grumpy dwarf with a Welsh accent ( I know, a bit cliched) to be able to look it up and see if there was anyone suitable who had offered their services ( for free !)

Now, having done this for a short(ish) module I know that the time required can start to mount, especially if you are a perfectionist so it couldn’t be an Aielund saga or anything like that. However, not all conversations need to be voiced, maybe just important ones or only one character or just ones during cutscenes ? Also, the decision on its use or not would have to be down to the builder who would hopefully let the supplier down gently thereby avoiding a “taking the ball home with him” incident.

So, the line of least resistance might be a “my handle is @Ewan and I’d be prepared to offer some lines in an aged Scottish accent”. I think it might be important that we made clear that it’s the accent we’re looking for, not an Oscar winning performance.

Thoughts? - even if it’s just a remark about how we don’t do that here, we don’t need audio or that the current endless sun seems to be creating a heat oppressed brain?

Being hyper sensitive to security (aka paranoid) and only wishing to give away those bits of myself that are in my submissions and typed posts I can say the following with absolute confidence the following for myself only -

No way, Jose! There isn’t a :cat2: in hell’s chance of me voluntarily recording my voice for any purpose whatsoever :scream_cat:

But others may wish to record their voices for posterity. That’ their choice. So from cloudy all day England, no thanks.


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I’m with @Tarot_Redhand on this. You would NEVER get me to record my voice for anything. I was a guest on a podcast with _Six years ago. Had I known what I was going to sound like, I’d have bowed out :rofl:


:sunglasses: no problem guys. It was just a thought….

There’s nobody likes their own voice. It’s everybody else that appreciates it.

In my case only if they like something that sounds like a weasel being strangled to force it to sing soprano :scream_cat:.


Well there are characters like hags or drunken sailors or nasty nobles to voice… bad voices would also be welcome…

That said i have a very cheap mic, so I am out :wink:

I’ve heard that voice synthesis has moved on a long way since SatNav - has anyone checked out any of the free sites recently?

That’s a thought, actually. Siri has certainly improved in the last couple of years so it should be possible. Will have a look.

You mean it no longer sounds like -


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Just to let you know I’m suffering vicariously with you in your Blender journey ! :see_no_evil::eyes::rofl:

… and the ghost of @TheBarbarian is urging you on .

Surely with just a bit of work on the program , much of the toil surrounding Blender could be minimised? The learning curve is pretty ferocious at the moment.

Let’s put it this way - You definitely wouldn’t want to record my voice during this “journey”. It would be one continuous [censored] BEEEEEEEEEEP!


Oh I don’t know. I was thinking of using BR’s Grinch and Gingerbread house if I ever did a Ruby sequel. That sounds perfect :joy:

I still sometimes find myself cringing when I think back to how patient Barbarian was with me when I tried to get the hang of it

At least you have some skills in that area. I was so out of my depth I couldn’t even keep the centre thingie centred !

Ah, good old Wargames. Such a great movie! But it’s been a LOOONG time since I saw that last, but I remember loving it as a kid.