Companion UI Control

Several UI haks are companion useable (deck of trumps, charlie’s Item changer, etc…); however, some key ones I use are not (or not totally) dmfi, size wand, mtt and heed/kemo are locked to the pc. What can be changed in the scripting to make these UI’s useable by companions? I tried changing oPC to oObject with mixed results. I don’t want to turn them into conversations, as that creates a whole other problem to solve…lol. Is there a surefire targeting script to allow the UI to be freely used (EX. charlie’ changer works for any companion using it and uses the oPC designation)?

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oPC and oObject are merely arbitrary identifiers. Find their definition(s) and, if appropriate, change it to the character that you, as a player, are currently controlling.

eg →

	object oCaster = OBJECT_SELF;
	// this is for feedback to the Player (sends messages to ControlledCharacter)
	object oLeader = GetFactionLeader(oCaster);

but exactly what needs to be changed to what depends heavily on context

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So I have had variation in results by changing those identifiers but thanks for trying. Anyone, below is the gui script, it will come up for companions but doesn’t work on them…any idea how to change that?

void main(string inputheight)
SetLocalString(OBJECT_SELF,“height”,inputheight); //object self is the PC
SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(),“Height is “+inputheight+ “%”);
DisplayInputBox(OBJECT_SELF,0,“Set Breadth as % of race standard”,“gui_sizewand2”,””,TRUE,"",181744,"",181745,"",“100”,"");