Companions Gone?

Hello everyone, I would appreciate any help you guys can give. I have been playing MOTB and had a party with my character, gann, safiya and okku. I had a game file that it said was corrupted and I could not load it. That file is gone. I reloaded another saved file (the only one left) and I have no companions now.

I have looked for them in the Veil, I have tried the debug command and adding them with the code there… I need help. I do not have another saved game file that contains them.

hey Brock,

my opinion is that it would take a fair bit of digging around to get the companions back with reasonable confidence.

my guesstimate is that something went wrong with something other than stock MotB. Perhaps it’s in /Override, or a computer glitch, possibly disk full, maybe the cat walked over the keyboard if ya know what i mean …


Seeing a lot of posts like this - both here and on other forums. I can’t help but wonder if it’s related to newer operating systems not playing nice with old software. It’s getting to the point where folks will start having to use VM’s to play these older games.