Complete Rural/City Black Gate Doors

Hello everyone!
My sincerest apologies if this is a known in troubling you but I have recently been encountering an issue with The Complete Rural/City Tileset where the door for the walled gate has a black bar on the bottom both in the toolset and in game.

The issue is not present in 1.69 or when using a fresh mod with no haks.

I have never had such an issue with this fantastic tileset before despite its complexity and it is used in some quite important areas from before the mod was imported to NWN:EE.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

  • voidofopinion

Checking up on it, I can report the same issue, but for me, it also happens without haks. Straight-up default city tileset, tile tcn01_h07_01. Door looks to be tcn_udoor_06. The black bar part is in the door model rather than the tile itself.

It’s only happening within the toolset, for me, though. Ingame, everything’s fine.

This looks a lot like what happened with the showcase placeables. :thinking: Might warrant a “hey, we think we might have found another case of this” along with an official bug report.

Is it showing up for you ingame, too, @voidofopinion (hello, by the way :-D)? If it’s being a pest outside of the tileset, I can try to fiddle with the black bar part within the door model until it stops.

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Hi TheBarbarian!

It’s always lovely to see you!

LB|R on Discord solved the issue. It has to do with the SAM settings for tcn_udoor_06.

Changing the bitmap entry from black to null fixes the issue!

node trimesh sam
parent tcn_udoor_06a
orientation 0 0 0 0
alpha 0
specular 0 0 0
shininess 1
render 1
bitmap null
ambient 0 0 0
diffuse 0 0 0
position -0.05 -0.11 1.12
shadow 0