Concerning the Warlock Reworked mod

Namely this one.

What do you all think of it? I barely ever used the warlock class, so I don’t really know how to use it, especially since I almost always just go and hit things until they die, which I’m still working on. Is it any good? Should I put it in? Or is its maker another WRFan?

don’t know. But The Complete Craftsman Reboot fixes the warlock’s ImbueItem feat. I strongly recommend it if you want to craft generally.

( be sure to run a duplicate file checker across your /Override in any case )

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It’s in the fixes pack, right? 'cuz if so, I already have it, since I’ve put in the whole pack. I was surprised when I ended up putting it all in after checking all the logs to approve all those fixes.

The Complete Craftsman Reboot ? no … it’s its own thing. Vandervecken and i worked closely together on it though, and it should be 100% compatible w/ Nwn2Fixes

that is, if you find duplicated files between the two, use the Reboot’s version.

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Looked through the logs, there’s a mod that fixes the Imbue Item ability - at least in MotB - by Lord Grave.