Concole command to advance a quest

I’m going crazy right now. I’m trying to find the right console command to advance a quest due to a bug in one of my modules.

What I need to do is to advance a quest in the journal with the tag q_awayhome to the integer 11. How do I do this? I’ve tried almost everything but nothing seems to work.

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rs ga_journal(“q_awayhome”,11,1,0,0,)

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Thank you, @Tsongo!

Another console command question. I’m trying to help a player who has encountered a weird bug. So I want to let him/her add a henchman through console command. I thought it should have looked like this but it doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

rs ga_henchman_add(“bianca”,1,0,0)

the 3rd parameter expects a string


rs ga_henchman_add("bianca",1,"",0)

note that “bianca” must already exist in the world ( ie. it’s a Tag not a Resref ). And player should control his/her PC – the blank string is coded to fallthrough to OBJECT_SELF (the PC)

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Thank you @kevL_s! Yes, I noticed that I needed a string there but didn’t know what to do when it’s the PC. Good that you can just write “”. It worked. Again, thank you!


great :)