Connecting areas randomly

I’m going to try both: I will store the destination (door) as an object and jump directly to it, and do the same with the return trip. That should put the player in the right spot without using waypoints and also ensure (theoretically) that the player always goes to the correct spot.


It seems to work! I’ll have to do more testing, but I was able to go back and forth. All I have to do now is solve the “last door to nowhere” problem and it will be more or less ready!

Thanks again,


(now I want to make a module w/ random doors everywhere lol)

With a little more work I think you could use it for different types of areas, so that you could have “random” forests in some parts of a module and a random dungeon in another. Throw in some random encounters, treasure, and props and you could have a nice sandbox type of module, I think.