Content classes many?

I have in total 76 classes on my classes 2da (includes the basic 0 to 38 base classes in this number on the classes 2da)

I just created the 76th one and it is not showing up. Is there a cap of 75 classes then? Yes I put the correct 2da lines and tlk entries.

I used the Kensai 2da that was in the game but never utilized…I did the tlk entires for it…but it is not showing up.

Anyone know why this is happening? I have made other classes that work.


I found out why it did not work. a simple problem of doing this:

Kensai_Katana Master

The underscore between the Katana and Master was all that caused it not to show up

In case anyone else encounters the same issue…ensure you always use the underscore between names

cap is 255 classes or line 254 to be the last line

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Thanks Shadooow

Good to know :slight_smile: