Content posters please take note

Just a quick word of advice to all content posters. Those with dark vision can disregard this.

Using dark text colour formatting in your projects description is barely visible, or not at all, to those of us using the two dark themes NWN7 and Blackhole.

Thank you.


And that is important because those of us on mobile devices often use dark themes to extend battery life.

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Also those of us who are getting old use the dark themes because it’s less harsh on our eyes. States the baby boomer. Namely me.


not to de rail abit but by any chance is there a dark theme version for the vault forum by the way??


Click on your portrait roundel top right to reveal four tabs.

Click on the first tab (the one with your username and the “user” icon).

Select “Preferences”.

Choose “Interface” from the left-hand side bar.

Change “Theme” to “Dark”.