Content requests and content creation offers

If you want to request a specific piece of custom content, you can do it here. There’s no guarantees that anyone will make what you are requesting, but your request might catch someone’s fancy. :grin:

This thread was pretty popular on the old forums.

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To make the first request.

Fix the texturing on the Dragonlance “Safety Net” placeable, the texture doesn’t fit the fabric. link to files

Here you go: I took the model you provided and remapped the UV on the cloth overhang to fit the fabric pattern in the texture file, then I restored the original diffuse texture name.

Dangit, I included the wrong object. Here is the correct safety net placeable.

Perfect :slight_smile:

For me it would be useful to have a creature model that consists solely of an enlarged human mouth that can be used for the magic mouth spell. It should be able to work with the lip flapper and be tintable. Thanks!

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Skulks were requested in the old forums. I happened to find some skulks while browsing the Purgatorio demo. They are set to use skimpy clothing (I believe Always Summer was used for these). They appear to be statted out appropriately.

Currently looking for 2 sets of armours inspired by a certain theme.

  1. Granite armour - Texture to represent, well, granite, but more bulkier/heavy looking (Helmet & Plate)

  2. Dragon armour - Chainbody inspired that’s a mixture of metallic red/black, spiked, with a dragon’s head themed torso (i.e. texture representing eyes/snout/horns), a lot with a open-faced helmet with 2 spikes.

I’m sure I requested this on the old forums, but as this is the new one, I’ve been more open-minded, rather than a 1:1 scale replica.

While I understand this is only an offer to those who are willing to help, thought I’d just throw it out there that we are offering $140 for each set of helmet + plate.

As it is easier to work with an existing model, you might want to take a look on for something similar to what you seek. Select ‘Game & CG’ under the ‘3D Models’ menu, then click on the ‘Characters’ model. There’s a fairly large collection. You’ll want something with a four figure polygons count (I.e. #,###).

If you find a suitable model, it’s just a matter of locating somebody willing to rig it.

Cheers, I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

You people should just create a huge mod that includes most of the modules of the 70s and 80s. Like how Ray Dyer did with the Unlimited Adventures engine. Click here. He divided it in West, South, East and North sections. West, South, and East should have your characters go from level 1 through 20. North should go from level 10 through 30. With all the modules you see there.
The final dungeon should be Queen of the Spiders.
Use Storm of Zehir overworld map. That way it can be open world. You can choose wherever you want to go. Maybe you will need to pay money to go to the northern section.
Full compatibility for multiplayer. That way it can be the most Dungeons & Dragons videogame ever.

Maybe add up 2 more sections. Desert of Desolation would go from level 1 to 10 and Thunder Rift (Dyer also made an adaptation of that with UA) should go from level 10 through 30.

All of this with open world (Storm of Zehir map) and multiplayer.

The same full plate armor set variant ‘0’ looks different between some of the playable races – human, half orc, and dwarf, for example. It might be possible to do some rescaling of the different armors to adapt them to the other playable races.

Has anybody ever made a Magic Staff Pack or a Bow Pack for NWN2? I’m not finding one. Seems like there’s a lot of potential there for added content.

Adonnay’s Elven Weapons pack has some Magic Bows in it, if my memory serves me correctly. Although that is the only pack that comes to mind.


Thanks. I’m looking at the Staff weapons on CadNav to see if a porting project would be worthwhile, with an eye to adding more variety of magic staffs (particularly for high level modules like HotU). Thus far it’s at least feasible in terms of poly count.

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I remember seeing a dragon headed staff in The Black Scourge of Candle Cove when I played it. That might mean there was just the one skin added but you might have a look to see if Tchos had a pack of some sort.


Yeah, and I think the BTH weapon pack has a couple of mage staves, too.


I think there were some in the May 2012 CC for NWN1

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Hey there,

If someone want to give it a try in the coming weeks (as i don t have anymore nwn 2 and no time this week end),i was on the way to reproduce something i use often in Unreal engine landscape for merging my texture,the Heighblend.
Mater is in nwn 2 each blend will take a texture slot as it will have been made in Substance.

Could ad a mud and a blend between mud and grass,and mud and rock.Would fill 6 slot.

Was wondering too how would look a puddle using the specular in nwn 2 on the mud texture.I made one,worst case i can easily dry it,just some node to erase in it.Anyone tried?