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The Ryzom creatures have been converted to .fbx files that can be imported into Blender:

Here’s an import of the tr_mo_bul.max.fbx model:

It does include bone weights:

The only oddity is the creature model is displaced from the skeleton. The site also includes animations in fbx format.
The creature textures are available from here:

In theory then it should be possible to convert the models over to NWN2 along with their animations using FreshLook’s tools. The polycount looks reasonable; this one is 1,448 tris.

Do the model and the skeleton have the same origin at (0,0,0) ?

Neither is at the origin.

I picked a character model at random just to see what it looks like:

Seems to be sci-fi. I couldn’t find the base_spec texture, unfortunately. It doesn’t have NWN2-style attachment points, so I’m not sure how well it would transfer over. If they were added, would the animations break? No idea.

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Really nice character model you found there, rjshae. Would be lovely to have more of that kind in NWN2. There’s too little sci-fi in general for NWN2 IMHO. Would be really interesting to try and make a sci-fi module, but there’s just too little stuff that is usable at this point.

rjshae made a bread-eating animation with a bread model some time ago for me here:

If anyone could make an apple-eating animation based on that one it would be even more awesome.

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Hi, andgalf ! I replaced the bread model with an apple and moved it a bit

Just replace “fx_handr_bread.sef” to “fx_handr_apple.sef” in your script.


Hi Rashi! How nice to see you here on the forums also and not just Discord! :smiley:

Thank you so much! I will try it out.

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I’ve tried your animation now, Rashi, and I must say it looks great! So again, thank you for your work! :smiley:

After reading about Fallout 2287 today, I had this kind of weird notion today: a Frozen Frontier version of the OC, with the plot based during a snowy northern winter. Snow and ice on everything; winter attire; heavy weather; chilly f/x; cold and frost-based creatures and challenges. Not sure it would be worth all the effort, but it could look pretty nice and fresh.

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Hi All,
The RWS swimming project was amazing but sadly never completed. Before discontinuing work on the project RWS hinted that he had already developed some combat animations for swimming. Has anyone recovered those? What are the chances that someone could make some basic combat animations for swimming? This is a huge ask, I know, but I am just curious if there is any interest in this. Someone recently did amazing mounted combat animations and jousting so anything seems possible now.

Well, since it’s for swimming clearly the combat animations will only make sense for spears, daggers and some sword actions (thrusting and not slashing obviously).
So it can be done :wink:, the question is when :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Real life kept me away from the mounted package, but I expect to come back to it very soon. Why not add these few swimming combat animations then?


The salute animation, that you can choose in dialogue for example, is different depending on what gender the character is. Would it be possible, for any skilled animator out there, to make the male salute version for a female character?

You mean the military one (“salute” and not “wave”) right?
For human females, or all playable races?

Exactly. The military one. For all females if it’s possible (elves, humans, half-elves, tieflings and aasimars for example) otherwise, in the scene I’m using it for it’s an elf, so that gets highest priority. It’s used in a dialogue in a joking matter, and the female salute is more “gracious” and looks almost like a bow, and doesn’t quite fit.

OK. Actually all the females you list use the same skeleton (P_HHF), so the animation will be done for all of them.
The main animation is working by the way, I just need now to work on the fingers so they’re straight and not relaxed.


Great! Thanks 4760!

Just to explain why I didn’t send you anything yet: I tried to switch from 3ds max to Blender, and use Freshlook’s tool, so as not to redo the salute animation from scratch :wink:
I think I now understand how it works, so I hope to have something ready tomorrow.


I have been trying to find a way to combine normal maps using GIMP, but the process seems to be fairly complicated and hard to get right. Instead, I found a handy little utility here:
I tested it out and it looks to work very nicely. (Random example below.) This can be useful, for example, if you want to add an embossed pattern on a surface.

Unfortunately the donate button account proved to be invalid. You might want to grab a copy in case it happens to go away some day.

That’s great 4760! Thank you so much for all the help you’re giving me!