Content requests and content creation offers


Now that you mention it I remember that also Quixal.:grinning:


The Wizard out of Candlekeep has the Dragon Staff. You can meet her as soon as you come down the stairs in the common room of the Inn.


Would it be possible for someone to make these creatures? I want to make a branch of a dungeon that is illithid themed, and also want to include more than just thralls.

These are timid creatures that are created by implanting a Svirfneblin with an illithid tadpole. They are primarily used as spies by illithid hives since they are adept at stealth and can change their shape.

These are fierce warriors that obey their illithid masters without question. They form the backbone of the military of Oryndoll.

These creatures are servants of the illithid that are created by implanting a chuul with a tadpole. The tadpole dies, but lives long enough to twist the chuul into this creature. They primarily serve as lair guardians and hunters.

Brain Golem
These golems are made by the elder brain surrendering a part of itself. They cannot think or communicate, and only exist to defend the Elder Brain. They cannot harm illithid.

Nyraala Golem
These golems are highly prized by illithid, and are far more common than brain golems. They do not require the Elder Brain to surrender a part of itself. Nyraala Golems are far more likely to be escorting random illithid than brain golems are.

These creatures are distant cousins to Bulletes. Gohlbrorn are native to the underdark, and as such are sometimes captured, tamed, and trained for use in illithid patrols.

This creature is a horror to behold. It is a beholder that has been implanted by an illithid tadpole. Mind witnesses still retain most of the use of their eyes, yet are also telepathic. They have an unending desire to follow(which means separated from their masters they will follow whoever)

This creature(only one known of forsure in the realms) Is the result of an illithid hive after an Elder Brain has died. Instead of being consumed or used for ceremorphosis, the aggressive tadpoles fight each other, consuming one and all, growing. The Neothelid is the result, and there can only be one Neothelid from the remnants of a hive. A Neothelid is essentially a large tadpole that never matured via normal means.


Possibly the Brain Golem could be a retexture of an elemental. The others would be difficult to build and animate because of the tentacles. I don’t see any NWN equivalents that could be ported.


Brain golems likely exist somehow, since they are in BG2 they will need to exist in some form for the nwn2 remake. Like rjshae said it’d probably be a retexture of an elemental or golem.

A mozgriken looks like it could be made by grafting the illithid head onto the shadow mastiff model or something.

Mindwitness could be a reskinned beholder, or if you wanted to be more accurate take the existing beholder and copy the eyestalks onto the bottom of the creature as well.

A neothelid looks a lot like the “sea monster” stock creature.


Ascomoid: this is literally a sphere made of fungus, so It’s about as simple a creature as there can be.
Aurumvorax: a badger that has multiple legs (technically 8 legs), remained basilisk could work
Lightning quasi elemental: another sphere, this one airborne.


I agree, and I have thought this for the Brain Golem. I think BGTSCC has one now that I think about it, though the Nyraala golem would be more important. I also wanted another creature made as well, but realized that DB already has the base creature which looks identical. I realize that many of the creatures would be difficult to make and animate, so that is why I came here, to ask the whole community. I do not possess the skills to make these creatures myself, otherwise I would.

I could see a reskinning on a beholder for a mindwitness working.
I also agree about the Neothelid as well, though it would also need a reskin.
Mozgriken and Tzakand as you stated, can be created by taking other creatures and combining them. Gohlbrorn would be like a giant grey turtle with a brown shell and fangs(just bullet shaped like a bulette/landshark).
Nyraala Golems would need a new creature entirely and would be very difficult to create.

In order of importance(considering my plans):
Nyraala Golem
Brain Golem


Did anyone ever rip these two houses from the Dock Row set into standalone buildings? I know rjshae did most of the others and added some much needed variety to this building set, but these two seem to be missing.


Something that might be useful for underdark areas, both interior and exterior, are tintable rock formation 2-D cards. By this I mean like the “Rural Trees” and “Shrubs” cards, except for various cave rocks and rock columns. I may end up making some of these myself.


Hello! I have a small request too. Would it be possible for the original author (if he\she still reads here) or for someone else to finish the animations on these doors?

They have been around for three years but there are still no animations, and it would be very nice to have them to.

Thanks to anyone who might want to tackle this!


I have a request, that will either be really amazing, or hilariously horrible XD

gestalt characters


can someone make it a thing?


thanks (sorry for being so rude)


Ugh. That sounds like it would be a cr*p-ton of work to implement.


only for those who lack access to a nearly unlimited supply of caffeine, a massive coffee mug, and a shirt that reads “I hate Mondays” XD


I have a feeling this thread is going fill up very quickly, so here it goes!

My request is for something for my ongoing steampunk project (you can find a link to it here if you want to take a look at what work i am doing and currently finished: Steampunk Project

I have two requests the first one i just want to see if someone could help me out by doing abit of work by converting this neck model but for male races
Frill Neck Piece link here

This second one is rather difficult but I am in the market for two creature models. I want to put an offer of the completion of Two new custom Dynamic (as in they can wear clothes, etc) creature models: Steampunk androids (steamdroids? punkbots? meh these things!)

If you want to get in touch with me privately of the details you can reach me here @


I’m agreeing w/ rjshae via humor. just letting people know in case it flew over their heads.


I mean my joke. sorry.


@Wall3t Don’t look now but this is an NwN 2 thread…



Though i like the work you are doing, this thread is really for nwn2 requests.