Content requests and content creation offers


dangit! oh well haha :grin:


and now for something completely different


Not if we strip the base classes to their basic components (feats, spells, ect.) Cherry pick the feats and whatnot, give it a uniqe name , and essentially create a new base class from scratch (or at least as close as it can get to “from scratch”)


I say we universally.


What is a lunar tileset? The exterior area editor can already make most surface types.


I think Havelock may have meant a lunar or planet landscape type tileset, which most tilesets are no use for due to extensive vegetation, but if so I don’t think one exists as I had to develop one myself for D20 Modern.


I think it was a request for a nwn1 tileset.


Ahh yeah. Totally missed where it was posted. Oops.