Continuing thread: Baatezu and Tanar'ri for NWN2?


Nope. I have two or three more critters to finish, but at the moment I’m finishing the riding package. I know, it takes time, sorry for that, but I still hope to have something ready by the end of the year.


If anyone is interested: I still got my unused Abishai and Bueroza models somewhere on my PC. My interpretation of Merregon is downloadable here - though this one has a missing texture if remember well. I also recently created a Carnage Demon model - but I’ll upload when I release my module :wink:


The marilith is done (two versions: one with weapons, the other empty-handed - the NWN2 engine having only two attachment points for weapons, that’s the only option to have it using six armed arms.)
The glabrezu is rigged, but there’s still work to do on the weighting, so let’s say it’s about 30% complete only.


I love all the expanded demons and devils - thanks for doing this!


Soooooooooo… any news about this now, then? :slight_smile:


Real life, you know… I’ll finish the horse riding first, then I’ll get back to this. Unfortunately I can’t give any date, sorry.


I like that quote . . . “I’ll finish the horse riding first.” :grin:


…he’ll get back to it once he’s done horsing around… :grin:


You must have thought about that at the spur of the moment.