Conversation Camera Challenge!

Hi All,

What I am about to ask may not be possible to do, but as there are some plugin experts around, then I ask just in case it is … or if anybody knows of a solution anyway.

THE PROBLEM: If you have a PC and NPC sit down for a conversation, then any cameras left on “random” can often see only the top of the characters head. And we have all witnessed some poor random camera angles in normal conversations anyway.

CURRENT SOLUTION: We add our own static cameras and have the conversation use those. However, that can sometimes feel too artificial as the conversation bounces back and forth between maybe only a couple of cameras … and adding more takes time.

CHALLENGE REQUEST: This would be a better solution if it can be done: Allow a builder to add multiple cameras with the same tag that the builder can then select at build time when setting up the conversation - and that the conversation can then randomly choose between them when called.

There may be a better solution already out there, in which case please let me know. I am just trying to reduce the amount of work when using cameras in conversations.

Thanks in advance, Lance.

I’ve always felt that the camera angles you choose when editing a conversation does nothing (selecting camera angles in the nodes). I think I’ve tried the ShotType and then tried Behind the head and Establishing but that didn’t do anything. Is that your experience too, Lance?

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heya Lance,
a plugin for the toolset can’t change the game executable’s mechanic … :\

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I thought there was going to be some kind of issue like that. I never quite grasp what can and cannot be done when it comes to plugins. Oh well… thank’s for confirming.


I must admit that like you, I find using the camera angles a little quirky. However, I think I did manage to have them do what I wanted to once, when I changed the camera mode to something like user defined and then selected the option. However, I still find them a little quirky and hit and miss to use. I tend to allow the default unless I have to use a static camera to avoid a definite issue. If it had been possible to add more control to the cameras, it would have been a neat addition.

Thanks all, Lance.

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