Conversation delay before moving on


When I want a delay on a conversation line I use the lipflappers set to whatever length of time I want on the sound node of a conversation line. I put the conversation line on an npc and use a camera to show what I want for that length of time.

So long as the npc isn’t in the cutscene it doesn’t matter because nobody sees the lips move and the camera keeps rolling elsewhere for the lip flappers duration.

eg. two npcs have a fight, I know where they are, know that one will be dead in five seconds when it happens, I put a camera on the fight area, lip flap an npc away from the fight for seven seconds, start the fight on the conversation line with the camera and you have seven seconds of filming a fight. Fine, no problem, it works.

Here’s the problem… I want to have three companions say nothing for a couple of seconds and be filmed one by one, I don’t know exactly where they’re standing so can’t use a camera or lip flappers on another person because I’m letting the game find them for filming. No point setting a camera to film a bush saying nothing because the companion’s way back down the path. Setting their locations with waypoints is a bit tricky too because it doesn’t always work.

So is there a sound that makes no sound that I could use as I can’t find one ? Or any way to delay the conversation from moving to the next line other than putting a big line of dots so it reads that automatically as about two seconds and then continues to the next companion ?

Doesn’t the lip flappers package come with both .fxe (for lips movements) and silences (sound files not making any sound matching the duration of the corresponding .fxe file)?


4760… I like where you’re going with this, so if I copy a lipflapper, rename it and have no fxe file I’ve got a silent sound… Off to the toolset and override folder I go !

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4760… Thank you you’re a genius, I’m a big fan of simple solutions like that, works perfectly !

More node in the conversation, Static camera tu be sure which NPC you look at and how you look at it.

And use the “delay” field in the conversation property just under the camera setting to force delay.

Each node of the conversation will be a phase of your cutscene.

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Shallina… I never looked at that delay field on the conversation node properties. Thank you I will investigate it.

For now I’m sticking with my silent sounds but I will have a try with it on another conversation near to the start of where I can test and see what happens.

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Shallina…Awesome, it works perfectly just using a delay on a blank node. I will use it in the future.

Yep, when I was doing my second module I discovered that delay thing in the dialogue. Really great when you don’t want the player to just click on, if it’s important stuff that needs to be seen on screen.

Only problem with the ‘delay’ is the player can’t escape past it; they have to sit and wait for it to expire. I would only use it in specific circumstances.

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I use the delay option for must-see elements of a scene. Note that delay is not in true seconds. A delay of 5 equates to 3 seconds approx - good for an establishing shot.

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Delay on the first node: 5 => there’s a 7 s difference (instead of 5), but that comes from the fact I waited for the line to be spoken!
Delay on the second: 10 => that matches the time difference between 13:01:04 and 13:01:14
Delay on the third: 15 => slight offset, but still compatible with the difference between 13:01:14 and 13:01:30

Below is the script I used for this:

void main()
	string Heure = IntToString(GetTimeHour()) + ":" + IntToString(GetTimeMinute()) + ":" + IntToString(GetTimeSecond()) + "," + IntToString(GetTimeMillisecond());
	SendMessageToPC(GetFirstPC(), "Heure du noeud = " + Heure);

I’ll defer to your scientific timing! It always felt like 3 secs to me :joy:

My main point anywsy, don’t presume delay to mean seconds. Some fiddling and tweaking may be required to get your timings right. For an establishing shot, I’ll go with 5.

Thanks everybody, I’m now aware that timing in fantasy land is faster… Should’ve know that with the speed that days pass at. You can walk from one part of an area to another, have a few fights in between and miss breakfast, lunch and dinner !

But one question still remains… Are elves really that old if time is faster ?