Conversation on item activation

Hi all. I am certain this has been answered somewhere at some point but I cannot find the solution. How would one start a conversation when an item gets activated? In other words, how would the i_tag_ac look like and what special property would the item need to have?



void main()
	object oPC      = GetItemActivator();
//	object oItem    = GetItemActivated();
//	object oTarget  = GetItemActivatedTarget();
//	location lTarget = GetItemActivatedTargetLocation();

	AssignCommand(oPC, ActionStartConversation(oPC, "your_convrsation", FALSE, FALSE, TRUE));

Cast Spell: Unique Power (Self Only) [unlimited uses].

EDIT: Has been answered already

Thanks that did the trick. I was trying it without AssignCommand.

No wonder. ActionStartConversation() is supposed to add the corresponding action to the subject’s action queue. By default the subject is OBJECT_SELF and in this case it’s the item being activated. Items don’t have action queues and that’s why it fails.

Yeah. Thank you andysks for asking this question and thank you aqvilinus for answering it.

I know this is an old topic, but I wanted to make a note here in case someone searches Internet for a solution in the future.
Your conversation cannot have the PartyChat ticked as true for this to work.

If PartyChat is true, you’ll just see the first line of the conversation float above PC’s head as a SpeakString.
This took me a while to figure out.

You can have the Neverwinter nights 1-style Dialogue or leave it at the default cinematic style, but PartyChat won’t work here.

You may never run in to this, but in my case I was repurposing an old conversation used with a placeable to now be used in a “portable” book item for the PC.
PartyChat will not work here as you’re having the conversation with yourself.


I think I used the “having a conversation with myself” like it’s been done here by Aqvilinus in my first module. I think it’s odd that that actually works. NWN2 works in mysterious ways sometimes. Good to know about the PartyChat. I usually let the PartyChat be marked when doing a NWN1 style conversation. I’ve never pondered too deep as to why though. Maybe the PartyChat is meant only for multiplayer and SoZ style party conversations?