- First german speaking Roleplay PW exclusively for EE


Hey everyone!

Some may know me as “Leaf”, some don’t. That’s of course ok.
Today i want to introduce to you this upcoming roleplay persistant world, i have been working on for some time now.

The server is built in Cormanthor, the Dalelands in Mistledale and is heavyly roleplay oriented.
We strive to be as close to the D&D ruleset in terms of gameplay and lore as possible and some would have consider it a “hardcore” Rp world, back in the days.
But that only occours towards to ruleset. So please don’t be afraid!

The first and most important rule is: Have fun!

We try to play together, not against each other, even though sometimes our characters will…
That means fun is the most important aspect of all and thus beginners aswell as veterans are welcome alike. Wether you know the corebooks at heart or have never heard of how a dice roll works, you are welcome and will be able to play what and how you like.
We try to make everything possible and as long as it doesn’t cause trouble, everything can be talked about what and how you want to play it.

The player, you, is meant to be the star here, meant to stay in the focus. It is your adventure, your story, your life.
Live it how you like, but be aware … even the strogest Adventurer, the mighyest Paladin and the most feared Wizard can find a quick end if consequences are not considered wisely.

Server information:

Name: Ger) - Misteltal

Language: German
Game type: Roleplay heavy

Haks: NWSync (roughly 7GBs of carefully selected custom content, will be reduced in the future)

Administration: Leaf



No Characterstory has to be approved, you can play immediately whatever race or class you like. But please read our rules before, in order to avoid some issues.

One of the core features of this server is “High Quality”. Every map is carefully crafted and considered. Roleplay and Roleplay support is a core aspect and thus DMs are stongly adviced to help, support and assist in every roleplay, or with every issue that occours.

This server is for the players, not for the DMs.

If i was able to make you curious, please don’t hesitate to step by and look around. Even though the server is not yet officially started, but should within the next week, you can allready login, create a character and explore the maps.
I however would like to apologize in advance for every issue or problem that might occour or if things are not as fast as you deserve it.
I am currently building this whole project by myself and in my free time during studying. So things might get a bit slow from time to time. I however promise to do whatever I can.

And last but not least, some ingame Screenshots for you to show, more on our website:



Serverstart: Saturday 16.02.2019

Hey everyone!

The past few days have been very exciting. Some things that happened were positive, some unfortunately a bit negative, but that shouldn’t be the topic here.

The topic is that the server is running relatively solid and the most important areas in which 90% of all the roleplay will probably happen in the future, are there and playable.

The script base is done and seems to somehow work, even though I don’t know why and what I have done …
Even though a lot of things, Scripts, Areas, Npcs, Items are still missing and get added in time, the server itself and the roleplay can at least start and the server can begin to hopefully grow.
I would however apologize in advance for all the inconveniences, issues, problems and errors that will probably occour at the moment.
I am working on getting everything fixe after time and so I’d like to thank all of you for your patience and endurence you show in regards of my limited technical knowledge and understanding.

On Saturday 16/02/2019 is the day, the server officially starts and roleplay can happen.
I however can’t promise to be able to get an initial plot done and covered since I have a lot of preparations to do but i am extremely buisy right now with studying.
I try however to get something done for you to explain a few things and to introduce you into the world of PnP like Roleplay advantures.

So i hope that you will appear in quite a few numbers on saturday to see everything by yourself. To experience the areas, the server and the atmosphere with your own eyes which I hope I was able to deliver.

A server like this lives and breathes by the players playing there. You are the most important aspect. You write the stories and you live the adventure!

And so this is your server, this is your project, this is your world.
Fill this world with life, fill it with dangers.
But before everything: Fill this world with fun and joy.

See you all in Ashabafurt

Best whishes,



Hey everyone!

Since today will be the start of the server i have written a “small” guide for beginner players on how to join and how to create a character.

Since it is mainly aimed at german players for now, i didn’t translate it to english.
Just wanted to leave a link here:

Best whishes,

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ey everyone!

A small but important update:

During the last few weeks I have been unable to work much on the server due to finals.
However! Oe important thing we have been able to do:

The reduction of the download size.

From now on a new player only needs to download a maximum of 3GB of data that is automaticly downloaded on logging in.

Not 7,7GB anymore as it has been before.
I hope that makes it easier for you to just step by.

Best whishes,