Cormanthor - Forgotten Realms Roleplay PW for NWN:EE

Cormanthor is a NWN:EE Roleplay PW set in the Dalelands & Cormanthor forest region of the Forgotten Realms (diverging from canon as of 1372, currently set in 1375). Cormanthor is a low magic setting with a collaborative storytelling ethos, aimed toward giving a grittier and more down to earth feel to FR.

We encourage players to be proactive and make an impact on the world, such as: founding their own guilds and knightly orders; restoring abandoned ranger stations, druidic groves, or lost elven watchtowers; and we also offer membership of canon organizations such as the Harpers or Zhentarim to PCs who display the qualities those groups are looking for.

Originally running from 2010 to 2012, Cormanthor relaunched in March 2018. We believe in continuous active development; we’re always improving the module and adding more content for players to discover and enjoy. You’ll find regular patch notes on the forum letting players know what the build team have been been getting up to.

We operate an active discord, forum, and wiki. You can find them all, along with more information at our website below. Feel free to make a post or join our Discord if you have any questions!

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