Corrupted Download

Okay, so this one I knew about for a while but I just now found a non-corrupted version of the file elsewhere on the vault.

The file “” in that it cannot be opened. I assume that something happened to it during upload. Fortunately, the hak for this has gotten around the vault a lot, but I’ve been mostly seeing it combined into other haks and not on its own.

However the single archive for Withering in the Darkness - Whispers in Nightmares (Chapter 1) does have the file Rhedd_Cloaks.hak, so um… maybe one of Rolo’s minions (aka mods) can download the file from this project, extract the file for Rhedd’s awesome cloaks, then upload it to the project for Rhedd’s cloaks… or if they have the original hak that went with that project, that would work better.

Had a quick look at this.

Confirmed that the .zip cannot be opened.

The same is true of the original file archived from the old IGN vault on Rolovault.

I see that Withering in the Darkness does indeed include Rhedd_Cloaks.hak.

However, it only seems to contain body parts, but the original project refers to a demo module and scripts.

I’m not clear whether the bug fix .erf is a complete set of those scripts?

Also - forgive the dumb question - it is described as

doesn’t that happen anyway these days?

Some VFX like wings don’t work with cloaks and vice versa, perhaps this is what it could be referring to?

Maybe it relates to equipping cloaks to the cloak slot?

Also I saw the file Rhedd_Cloaks.hak a few minutes ago in Bastard of Kosigan (English version). I’m not sure if it has anything beyond the hak as the files for this module series are a hot mess. I’m going to have to spend a few hours channeling Marie Kondo to put all these files in order if I ever want to play it.

Better luck at finding the other files might be had by checking if Rhedd is included in CEP… and if so, asking whoever maintains it if they still have the demo module, scrips, and anything else related to that project.

That would be me.

Rhedd is not in CEP 2.x AFAIK.

In any case, we don’t have original sources for anything prior to CEP 2.68, owing to discontinuities in handover (though credits often allow us to trace them).

That is unfortunate as it would mean those files are lost unless some random non-minion has them. I do not or I would have offered them already.

This module appears to list Rhedd’s cloaks as a component in it’s larger compilation:

is this what you’re looking for, perhaps?

That’s essentially an example of what I was referring to when I said that I’ve seen it around a lot in compilation modules. I think that if one of the mods were to do an upload so that there is a non-corrupted file available for download, they should pull from Withering in the Darkness that at least has the hak file on its own, even though it’s missing the demo module and script files.

Bastard of Kosigan also has the hak file stand-alone and not part of a compilation, but it likewise also doesn’t have the script files and demo module.

This isn’t about any particular need on my part and is entirely about having the resource available to people that may want to utilize it. There’s been over 100 downloads on what is a corrupted file.

Better to have the actual hak without the demonstration at least, than nothing at all, yeah.