Corrupting Saves. Module.IFO is missing

Hello Everyone,

I recently came across this error that involves a save game file.

Recently, I edited the official campaign, Chapter 2 specifically, and simply just changed 2 scripts… Saving and playing the game after making these issues has not caused any problems. However recently, I came across this unsolvable error. I can start Chapter 2 normally and save. However, I can not load the game. It simply stays on the loading screen saying “loading game” until I need to force close.

After trying to understand what the issue is, I used Leto to maybe view the character file and noticed the the module ifo file is never there to load.

What it should like in the the module:

However when viewing the saved file in Leto the Module Ifo is never there

I did not add any new custom portraits etc. Ive used the same content since install and it all of a sudden starting this issue.

I was wondering if any one had this similar issue or maybe can point me in the right direction why this could be happening.

If not, is there any way to restore the Original Campaign files without reinstalling? It would take a long time to have to reinstall all custom files I had installed.

I have failed to mention I am using NWN diamond edition (CD Version) 1.69

Well, the existence of any third party components in the game is most commonly the source of faults. It’s a can of worms which is always suspicious.

Do you know, that you can use the NWN-hak utility to view the contents (and change it) of any savegame? Just rename a copy of you saved game to xxx.hak to open it with that tool. If the ifo really isn’t there then my best suggestion is to try to deactivate any third party add on at first place.

It’s not required to rename the mod file. Just enter *.mod and the file open dialog will display mod files.


We are talking about 1.69/Diamond, right?

Thanks for your response. And yes I am using 1.69 Diamond

I will use a Hak utility to maybe peer into the saved game. Again what is odd, is I have run through the campaign and other modules with the same existing/3rd party content foe years. Nothing new was added at any point. Since then. Im wondering if I somehow corrupted the vanilla campaign module.

I will return here and reply of any results I have

Thank you for responding

I used the NWNExplorer tool and viewed the saved game file. It produces the same issue as Leto did

The Module.IFO file is never generated in the save. Its very odd because the Original Campaign (Chapter 2) is the only module this is happening to. The other chapters save correctly.

I guess my question would be, aside from 3rd party content, what would cause the issue of the module.ifo file not be generated?

Gremlins, a gamma ray, a divine intervention … sorry :smiley:

If you want to exclude 3rd-party addons, then the only reason I can think of is your editing of the module. Just replace the edited module with your backup and have a look, if the save is working again.

Which scripts did you modify?

I unforuntately did not keep a backup of the Vanilla module when I accidentally saved it. I was scouring the internet to see if you are able to re-download the vanilla campaigns.

The only thing I touched in the Vanilla campaign was 2 scripts, The player dying and respawn scripts. I saved my edited copies to the override folder. I did not create/add/modify existing objects/monsters etc. The script runs on different modules just fine, but I accidentally saved the module. Theres a pop up that creates a dependency on the Expansion files if you save the original campaigns, which I accidentally did, but its odd it would cause save corruption like this.

I was hoping to restore the original campaigns but im unsure of how without reinstalling the game

I don’t think that you’ll find the original files anywhere since everybody has them. Reinstall the game. It should be pretty save to keep your current installation if you rename the whole “NWN Diamond” to something else before installation and restore it afterwards after retrieving the files from the nwm folder.