Cosmetic Boots?

Hey I am wondering if there’s a property or scripting command I don’t know about that will allow you equipped boots to show. Meaning if I put on a pair of boots that were purple and green on my character sheet can I have the boots of the avatar change to be purple and green?

I am planning on allowing a new player to select 1 “legacy” item to inherit and the weapons and armors are obviously visible and I would like the boots option to also be visibal… and potentially the gloves if that is also possible.


boots models and colors are based on armor, it is armor part and while you could change the boots part when you equip boots, there is no option to chage color of just one part - so changing color would cause player’s armor color to change which is not what you would probably want

I like the idea, you should suggest it to BeamDog.

Actually you can already change the color of armor parts. See CopyItemAndModify() description. Requires NWN v1.74 (EE).

So it could be done but would require some work… everytime the player equips/unequips an item you would have to check if it’s boots/gloves and then you would have to modify the armor accordingly.

There are some problems however as you can equip boots/gloves in combat but can’t equip an armor in combat.

That only works if the colors are segregated so that say the boots part of the armor model/texture is the only thing using leather1 color. And the gloves area leather2 or something. Then you could do that. But the existing armors are not setup that way.

And you can do that in 1.69, too. That’s how all the dyes and tailors work, I believe.

Per-part coloring was introduced in EE. You can’t do that in 1.69.

Fair enough :slight_smile: That’ll work a bit better then. Shoes or knee boots only…

Edit to add: You can fix the in-combat issues with scripting on equip.